Sports Medicine Telehealth

Urgent Care 


Talk to an athletic trainer or doctor anywhere you are by phone or video. 24/7 within 30 minutes!


What we treat

Shoulder, Knee, Ankle, Concussion. We can diagnose and treat every sports injury from head to toe. 

How it works

Speak to a top athletic trainer or sports doctor through your mobile phone or computer.  No need to download a mobile app.


For more information and all your questions answered about the SportsMD Telehealth Service.

Our Services

SportsMD Telehealth is an efficient and cost-effective method of providing sports medicine care to you or your child.   It’s an alternative to potentially high cost and time consuming hospital or walk in medical centers visits or waiting days to see a primary care physician or specialist.

We’re open 24/7 and the average time to see an athletic trainer or doctor is 30 minutes.  



Sports Medicine

Regardless of the level of the athlete, we specialize in providing  diagnosis and treatment options of athletic injuries.



Our orthopaedic physicians will provide treatment options for a wide range of injuries including bones, joints, tendons, ligaments, and muscles.


Shoulder and Elbow

Board-certified surgeons who specialize in all areas of shoulder and elbow providing innovative care.


2nd Opinion Service

When you want a second opinion from a top sports doctor regarding your diagnosis or treatment options.


Women Sports Medicine

Multidisciplinary team providing care for female athletes including physicians, nutritionists and exercise physiologists.


Knee, Hip, Foot & Ankle

Treating people of all ages for injuries and disorders for knee, hip, foot and ankle.  

Quick & Easy Access to Great Care

We’ll assess the severity of an injury and provide treatment plan and prescriptions if needed.  

Virtual Care

Faster Recovery and Back To sport

Too often injured athletes see doctors who don’t have the necessary level of expertise in their particular condition. This can lead to misdiagnosis and unnecessary treatments, costs and time away from sport or exercise.  

That’s why SportsMD ensures each patient gets the right diagnosis from a sports specialized medical provider with deep expertise in diagnosing injuries and providing a treatment plan.